Delinquent Accounts

A basic penalty of ten percent (10%) of any delinquent amount will be charged on any amount remaining unpaid twenty-five (25) days from the billing date, plus one percent (1%) per month for charges that remain unpaid. Postmarks are not accepted.

For accounts where the utilities are billed to the property owner, delinquent balances may result in the recording of a lien against the property where service is provided and an assessment on the San Joaquin County Tax Roll.

City’s Water Service AreaCity Calwater utilities

In the City’s water service area, customers receive a unified bill for water, storm drain, sewer, and garbage and recycling. Notices are mailed to past due accounts. If the account remains unpaid, water is shut off. The entire account balance and any additional fees and charges must be paid-in-full and a deposit may be required to restore water service.

Cal Water Service Area

In Cal Water’s service area, customers receive a water bill from Calwater and a separate bill from the City of Stockton for storm drain, sewer, and garbage and recycling. When the City of Stockton bill is unpaid, water service cannot be shut off because the City is not the water service provider.


In addition to sending a monthly bill, the City makes every attempt to contact the account holder, including phone calls, messages, and in some instances, posting notices at the service location, or referring the account to a third-party for collection.


Liens and Assessments

Effective in 2018, unpaid accounts billed to the property owner may result in the recording of a lien on the property. If the lien is not cleared and the amount is left unpaid, the City may collect by assessment of charges transferred to the San Joaquin County Tax Roll and collected through the property tax bill.


Notices Sent to Property Owners/Utility Account Holders

In May 2018, a "Notice of Intent to Record a Lien" and a "Notice of Charges to Be Assessed" were sent to the billing address and the owner of record mailing address listed on the San Joaquin County Assessor’s property records.



Property owners who receive a Notice of Intent to Lien may appeal by requesting an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of the date of mailing and by paying the Administrative Hearing Fee of $89.75 at City Hall, as established in the City’s Fee Schedule.

  • Property owners may avoid the recording of a lien by paying the balance owed within 30 days of the lien notice mailing.
  • If the property owner does not pay the amount in-full or comply with the terms established by the Administrative Hearing Officer, the lien will be filed.



Liens not cleared will be considered for an assessment. Administrative Hearing dates and times have been established for assessments. The Administrative Hearing Officer will not address the validity of the charges and the amounts due. The purpose of these hearings is to confirm whether the charges should be added to the property tax roll report for the City Council's consideration. 

 City of Stockton - City Hall

Council Chamber, 2nd floor

425 N. El Dorado Street

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Friday, June 29, 2018
Monday, July 2, 2018
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 


Assessments Transferred to Tax Roll

In July, the City Council will hold a Public Hearing to approve the written report of assessments and to authorize the amounts owed to be assessed on the owner's property tax bill. The assessed charges are sent to the San Joaquin County Treasurer-Tax Collector for collection on the tax roll.


Delinquent Account Inquiries

To determine if a delinquent balance is being considered for lien or assessment, property owners may contact City of Stockton Utility Billing at (209) 937-8295.



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