Payment Information

The City of Stockton offers several convenient options for paying utility bills including: 

  • automatic payment from your bank,
  • website,
  • automated phone system,
  • mailed, or
  • in-person.

New Bill Format - December 2017

Utility bills will have a new look beginning with the December 2017 bills.  The new bill format includes customer-friendly features, including icons, contact information for all utilities, multiple methods for paying bills, and a "Messages" section - with information unique for utility customers - on the left side of the bill; account information and charges are on the right side of the bill.  The "tear-off" payment stub is now the bottom of the page.  

Utility bill payments are now mailed to and processed in California:  

City of Stockton

P.O. Box 7193

Pasadena, CA 91109-7193 

Automatic Payments

Experience the convenience of knowing your bill is paid, on the due date, directly from your bank account. Once established, payment happens automatically each month. Complete the form and return to the City. No fee applies.

  • To establish or cancel an auto payment or change the checking account information on file, please complete and submit an Establish/Cancel/Change form.
  • Effective December 2017, the City has changed the address where payments are mailed. If you have automatic payment established, please contact your bank or credit union and provide the new payment address:

City of Stockton

P.O. Box 7193

Pasadena, CA 91109-7193 

Online City Website (Click-2-Gov)

Create an online account and pay online with your Visa, MasterCard, or debit card by visiting our City Utility Customer Service Center - Online Account Access and Bill Pay. No fee applies.  

  • Click-2-Gov electronic payments are not refundable online.


Direct Payment

  • Make electronic payments using your bank's bill payment service.


Phone (Automated System)

Pay by phone with a check, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard using the automated phone system by calling the Utility Billing Customer Service.

  • Customer service representatives cannot take your payments over the phone.


Mailing Payments

Mail your payment by check in the envelope provided with your bill. Include your account number or billing stub with mailed payment and send to:

City of Stockton

P.O. Box 2590

Omaha, NE 68103-5920


Effective December 2017, the City has changed the address where payments are mailed. Beginning with the December 2017 utility bill, please mail payments to:

City of Stockton

P.O. Box 7193

Pasadena, CA 91109-7193 


  • Payment must be received by the City before or on the due date each month.



City Hall

Pay in person during regular business hours at City Hall, Administrative Services Department. 

  • Pay at the counter for payment to post the next open business day.
  • Pay at the dropbox by check only; payment will post on the next open business day for the City.
    • Please do not use the dropbox for overdue payments.



Pay at any MoneyGram location for a small MoneyGram service fee.

Provide the representative with the receive code "7271" and have a copy of your bill with you.

  • For nearest MoneyGram location/hours, visit the Moneygram website under External Links below. 
  • May take two to five business days to be received by the City.



For correspondence or account changes, contact Utility Billing Customer Service or send requests to:

City of Stockton

P.O. Box 1571

Stockton, CA 95201



External Links

Direct Payment Plan

MoneyGram - (800) 555-2133


This City of Stockton web page last reviewed on --- 12/1/2017