Office of Violence Prevention

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The Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) works to significantly reduce violence in the City of Stockton using data-driven, partnership programs and strategies.


OVP coordinates inter-agency working partnerships with community leaders including:

  • clergy, gang outreach, public and community service providers, and
  • other stakeholders committed to reducing violence.


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Peacekeeper Video Series

To learn more about Peacekeepers and the work they do, OVP developed a series of videos to help answer questions.


OVP Programs

  • Operation Ceasefire
    • Partner-based violence reduction strategy using respectful, direct communication with highest risk youth and young adults.
    • Based on the nationally recognized, evidence-based "Operation Ceasefire" strategy, that has produced multi-year, community-wide reductions in serious violence in cities across the country.
  • Operation Peacekeeper
    • Mentors youth and young adults with the highest risk of gang involvement, particularly serious gun-related violence, and provides positive alternatives for a healthier, non-violent lifestyle. 
For any questions about OVP programs or future meetings, please contact LaTosha Walden


OVP Reports

Community Engagement Coalition Report - July 2017

Global Status Report  on Violence Prevention 2014 - 292 pages

Braga Report Stockton- 63 pages

Braga Evaluation of Boston Reentry Initiative - 24 pages



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