Missing Persons

Call Investigations Bureaus – Missing Person/Cold Case Unit at (209) 937-8323 with any information.



Antonia Delores Araiza

     aka Tonie Araiza, Matilda Araiza, etc.

Missing Persons Flyer of Antonia Araiza

Jerald Anthony Williams

Missing Persons Flyer of Jerald Anthony Williams

Raymundo Velaso Romero

     aka Luis Raymundo Velasco Romero

Missing Persons Flyer of Raymundo Velasco Romero

Glenda Sue Eldred aka Strickland aka Foulks


Missing Persons Flyer of Glenda Sue Eldred

Antonio Crebillo Torres

Missing Person Flyer of Antonio Crebillo Torres

Jose Guadalupe Cortez Verduzco aka Jose Cortes

Missing Persons Flyer of Jose Guadalupe Cortez Verduzco

Augustine Moreno

Missing Persons Flyer of Augustine Moreno

Juan Antonio Ramirez Villanueva

Missing Persons Flyer of Juan Antonio Ramirez Villanueva

Gina Renee Garcia aka Gina Renee Galindo

Missing Persons Flyer of Gina Renee Garcia

Lonnie Airon McQuiston aka Davis

Missing Person Flyer of Lonnie Airon McQuiston aka Davis

Cynthia Marie Robison

Missing Person Flyer of Cynthia Marie Robison

Arnel Nagal Narvaiz

Missing Person Flyer of Arnel Nagal Narvaiz

Louis Edward Payne

Missing Person Flyer of Louis Edward Payne

Edgar Cruz Jamias

Missing Person Flyer of Edgar Cruz Jamias

Lakeithia Shanea Slaughter

Missing Person Flyer of Lakeithia Shanea Slaughter

Benjamin Lopez

Missing Person Flyer of Benjamin Lopez

Adan Jacquez Hernandez

Missing Person Flyer of Adan Jacquez Hernandez

Steven Douglas Geisler

Missing Person Flyer of Steven Douglas Geisler

Dean Viola McHan

Missing Person Flyer of Dean Viola McHan

David Samual Collette

Missing Person Flyer of David Samuel Collette

Haifaa Mohamad Assad aka Haifae Nassen

Missing Person Flyer of Haifaa Mohamad Assad

Teresa Alcaraz aka Teresa Alcaraz Sanchez

Missing Persons Flyer of Teresa Alcaraz

Abraham Apodaca

 Missing Person Flyer of Abraham Apodaca

Gayle Marie MarksMissing Person Flyer of Gayle Marie Marks


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